Ecstatic Dance Intensive 30/31 october
& 1 november 2020 

DJ Goldmund

In his own words: "The journey is key in Ecstatic Dance. I like to create a cathartic musical journey, which adds up to more than the sum of the individual elements. Enjoyment is integral, but having a transcending experience; the music guiding body and soul to unusual places, is what makes a true Ecstatic Dance special. 

My feel for the journey stems from my own adventurous spirit, always yearning for the wonderment of seeing a mountain glistening in the sun, or a lake on a windless day, or the Pleiades in the night sky for the first time. My main influence growing up was progressive rock, the great concept albums of yore, incredible journeys in their own right. Then progressive house at the turn of the millennium: those magnificent euphoric ramps and drops for ever and ever cascading into the future. And the spirit of Africa where I was born and raised, the drum which is the heartbeat of our bodily existence. My choices are very eclectic as is part and parcel of the core qualities of a DJ, to bring you that personal melange you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. Always staying close to music with a core which reflects the pure energies embodied in us: crown, heart and hips, light and dark. Deep earth and volcanic eruptions, euphoric peaks in the stratosphere. And a cello to touch you gently. All genres and styles are building blocks or tools to use in the journey - this is the incredibly vast creative beauty of this medium. " .
Saturday evening

DJ Co-Libri

"I love the diversity life gives us. During my sets I try to embody a daytime, a lifetime. From waking up to be very active to be bored, tired and bedtime. Life can be great and life can be hard. All of this we can dance. I love to dance & DJ with curiosity and with an open mind. How would you move when the music is great, energizing, boring or out of your tune? How would you move with this? Will you think, this is "not good" will you stop dancing? Or will you find a way to dance with the music what is given. It's time to wake up your dancing body! I hope you laugh and smile during your day and I love to put some musically jokes in my set.I am a teacher, a dancer, a mother and I own a company called Dansklooster. We offer ecstatic dance, dance at the beach and we offer 8 retreats during a year. Dance, attention, silence, ceremony is what we offer and so much more! My kids at school are very proud with their teacher being a DJ. "


DivanA has been a DJ for nearly 15 years (well known in the Ecstatic scene), and now he is lifting his musical spirits into the realm of live performance. With his extensive improvisational set-up of synthesizers, drum machines and samplers, he will take us on a yet to be discovered musical journey. Perhaps his recent debut EP can give us a clue.
Listen here:


Opening Circle
Avondeten / Diner
Ecstatic Dance with DJ Kairosity
Soundconcert with DreadVox (Theremin and Hang)
Breakfast / Ontbijt
Ecstatic Dance with DJ Navid Davina
Workshop Source Code Connextion - Kayann Isa

Free space / sitting around the campfire 
Diner /Avondeten
Shadow workshop- Karin Roozemond
Ecstatic Dance with DJ Goldmund (DARK ECSTATIC)
Relaxing time / Sleeping / campfire
Breakfast / Ontbijt
Ecstatic Dance with DJ Co-Libri
14,00 Free Space.

16.00 Ecstatic Dance with DJ Jeronysos 
Closing Circle
Diner / Avondeten

Enjoy the dance at this beautiful location at the countryside in Twente! 

Dancing these days in compliance with the COVID- measures.

A weekend to deepen you and start processes with the help of Ecstatic Dance and other workshops.
Together with around 25 other participants.
It is an all-inclusive weekend; including accommodation, food and drinks (Vegan / Vegetarian and alcohol-free), all in the beautiful countryside @ Landgoed AlGoed
Also: workshops, music , great food and inclusive sleeping places.
The programm you can read below this tekst. (just scrol!!!)
In addition to the program, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Landgoed AlGoed and you can relax by the campfire.
There are several sleeping places where you sleep with 5 or 4 people. There are also caravans for 1 or 2 people. You can also bring your own camper. There is sufficient sanitary (WC's showers etc.).
Costs for this weekend: € 265.
Tickets here:
Info: 0031 6 18534480 (Jeroen)

DJ Jeronysos

DJ Jeronysos has developed its own style in the Ecstatic Dance community. He takes you on a musical journey from minimal music to profound vocal songs, classical music, from rhythmic tribal sounds (afro / shamanic) to up-tempo trance and electronic (classical) music.  

Jeronysos' musical journey is one you will not soon forget. In addition to the rhythmic lifting sounds, he also introduces you to frayed music: you can dance with your own demons and bring them back to light during the dance. Of course, when the trip is over, you will be back home safely. Jeronysos is also an enthusiastic dancer and loves to immerse yourself in the music during the Ecstatic Dance. "Safety is paramount during the Ecstatic Dance: everyone can feel supported by the DJ, the spaceholders but also the other dancers. Being together as one tribe".  (Sunday afternoon)

DJ Kairosity

DJ Kairosity is the big surprise of 2019. Because of her musicality and mix talent she is now an increasingly sought after DJ in Ecstatic country. Her musical journeys naturally bring you into all kinds of atmospheres ... organic and deep. Kairosity: "Dance is my greatest teacher. When I dance, I am. The body always knows. I am a musician and a dancer. The world has majestic sounds, you just have to listen. I guide you through traveling across the frontiers of time with the riches of the world. Enchanting melodies from the north and east meet profound earthly beats. In kairosity, in the realm of timelessness. " Friday evenening

Source Code Connection 

by Kaiyann Isa 

During Kaiyann Isa's playshop "Source Code Connection", you will have the opportunity to explore different levels of your multi-dimensional Being, while in a safe loving space. We will start with a deep and powerful meditation, integrated with Light Language, divine sounds and special consciousness music. Your unique process will unfold in a very organic manner during the different exercises that will follow, and you will experience for yourself what is meant by Source Code Connection.

Shadow Work
by Karin Roozemond

The word shadow is used to indicate all aspects in your life that you have suppressed, have not processed and that you are often not even aware of anymore.

In the shadow are parts of yourself that were rejected during your childhood. For instance, when a child is harshly told to "act normal" or even punished for certain behavior, the child can feel so rejected that it banishes aspects of his or her feelings / self to the shadow realm. What is accepted comes into the light, receives attention and confirmation and grows. That which is rejected lives a shadowy life in the twilight.

When we see our own shadow parts in others, we also disapprove. A child growing up in a family that values ​​rules, order and tidiness may have overshadowed their wilder, more creative side. Such a person will disapprove an artist who leads a bohemian existence. Conversely, someone growing up in a hippie commune can talk condescendingly about civil society.

Parts of us getting shadowed during our lifetime is inevitable. But if we leave them there, we will lose these parts of ourselves forever. That is a shame, because hidden in the shadows are sides of us that carry a lot of raw life energy, that are unique, powerful and authentic. What an energy boost and what a party it will be when we can invite these parts back into our lives!

In this workshop we'll connect with our shadow-aspects and discover what this brings us. We use shadowwork techniques such as inquiry, breath, sound and dance. Ancient cultures often used masks to merge with the energy of Gods and Shadows and so are we; the masks are already ready & waiting.

You're welcome, to come play & dance with us and discover the magical shadow realm!

Karin Roozemond

"I like to invite energy that lives in the shadows into the light, to give it a voice and a form. I invite people to grow, to transform, sometimes soft, sometimes stimulating, but always respectful and with humor. "